Sunday, November 9, 2014

Data Interpretation for MBAs

Data interpretation is tested in both the GMAT and the GRE, and with good reason. It is critical that people working in STEM subjects, or going on to lead businesses be able to, at the very least, read and interpret data presented to them in various tables. Of course, more pressing for B-school students is the ability to be able to read and respond to case questions when studying for and completing various courses.

ChiPrime has built an interesting quiz that takes a step towards educating students in this regard. A free (Beta) version can be found here. The graphics in question are all from the Economist website and are from articles hosted by that magazine (copyright is intact - they do not copy or host any images on the site, just link to static images provided by the magazine itself). The Economist has excellent content, and perhaps the best data graphics and visualization of any magazine today. Reading articles from there also helps with reading comprehension and analytical thinking.