Thursday, January 29, 2015

ChiPrime quant prep video channel!

ChiPrime is the competitive exam quant prep portal that offers free, computer adaptive, high quality, targeted content to ace the math portions of exams like the GMAT and the GRE that I wrote about in earlier posts. It looks like they have recently made a couple of improvements to their website. (Full disclosure: I do support this website, and help them maintain their high quality standards.)

One, they now offer free lessons on the content of the exams, broken down into several easy to understand modules with logical flow and worked examples. The modules build upon each other quite well.

Two, they also have a video channel on YouTube here. Not too many videos on it just yet, but the focus there is to add more quality content slowly but surely.

If you use it and like it, please like it on Facebook to help spread the word!

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